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In the Event of an Emergency…

29 Apr

This has surely been a week of firsts for us.

Oscar and I were enjoying the last leg of our brisk morning walk when I hear a woman shouting behind us: “Cassie, no!”

I turn around out of curiosity to find a blue pit bull charging, closing the last few feet that separated us. I screamed, startled to see the dog so close when I never heard her coming, but quickly regained my composure when she zoomed passed me and toward Oscar. He evaded her first pounce, but she threw on the brakes and switched gears for another assault.

I racked my brain for something, anything I could do. I couldn’t pick Oscar up unless I wanted to be her new target and I couldn’t grab her collar to try to restrain her incase she whirled around and bit me. I’m surprised I remembered this in the midst of what was happening.

Oscar dodged a total of three charges like a championship boxer before the pit bull’s owner raced over to control her dog who was still snarling and drooling like a wild animal half-crazed by hunger. As she dragged her dog toward her house, she smacked Cassie, exclaiming, “You should know better!”

The entire incident lasted six seconds, but they were the longest six seconds of my life.

She never apologized, but it’s honestly the last thing I wanted. I’m more grateful that Oscar emerged from the attack mentally and physically unscathed. He’s clearly put the past behind him and I have, too.

I harbor no ill feelings against pit bulls, even after our mishap with one. The reputation of the breed always suffers because of irresponsible owners. My heart goes out to Cassie, the blue pit bull who deserves owners fully dedicated to teaching her to become a model canine citizen.

On a positive note, I present this picture of Oscar!

What precautions do you take while walking your furry family members?

I ordered a 1.5 oz. can of Halt!


This Lady is Going Gaga

27 Apr

Over this picture of Oscar! Move over, Fabio—Oscar’s going to grace the cover of millions of romance novels across the nation. 😉


Another first this week: This is our first time joining the Wordless Wednesday Linky List! Many thanks to BlogPaws for giving pet bloggers another way to connect!

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One Park, One Hour, One Pooped Pup!

25 Apr

Many thanks to Live, Bark, Love, You Did What With Your Weiner, According to Gus, The Daily Toki and Kame & Kroten Blog for the birthday wishes!

When I started blogging about Oscar’s adventures, I had no idea I’d be a tiny fragment of this huge pet blogging community who’s just as enthusiastic about their furry (and reptilian!) family members. I suppose one of the unexpected perks about blogging is meeting like-minded individuals and forming friendships. That alone motivates me to keep on truckin’! Not to mention Oscar loves seeing his mug on the World Wide Web.

As promised, Oscar and I spent a portion of Saturday roaming the park. I didn’t spot many dogs, so we just kept to the trails that wound through and around the lush greenery (I’m kicking myself over forgetting to take pictures while we were in the park. Alas, these parking lot pictures will have to do).

He stuck to the concrete this time around and didn’t beeline to the grass, nose in the dirt. Do you think he’s aware of his smell and keeping away from the stank?

He ran out of steam during the last leg of our walk. That’s one pooped pup!

101 Salivations

23 Apr

I turn 24 today. Eeek!

I don’t have anything special planned today besides taking Oscar to the park and enjoying a yummy In-N-Out burger (with a side of fries). Mmm…

Before I celebrate by gorging on fast food and spending quality human-dog time with Oscar, I wanted to share a gift I received last year: 101 Salivations: For the Love of Dogs by Rachael Hale.

101 SalivationsThe book had been collecting dust on my bookshelf for months. I had almost forgotten about it because it was packed tightly behind other volumes, but I suppose the “festivities” prompted me of its existence.

I found myself ooh’ing and ahh’ing as I thumbed through the book all over again. “101 Salvations” is a beautiful collection of 101 dog portraits every dog lover should own. Hale beautifully captures the personalities of her canine subjects who range from saucy Chihuahuas to proud Akitas and adorable mixed breeds.

I was delighted to discover that Hale is a dog owner herself! Of course, it makes perfect sense. Only people with an enormous love of animals will have the paparazzi-like patience this line of work requires—the last paragraph of Hale’s introduction sums this idea up nicely.

She writes:

I don’t believe in the old cliché: don’t work with animals or children. I have worked with both, and I’ve adored them equally. I love dogs, especially, for their innocence and their unconditional love. I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth to be able to combine my two passions — animals and photography. And I would be happy if I could do this for the rest of my life, with my beloved Henry [Hale’s Newfoundland] at my side.

By Rachael Hale, "101 Salivations,"


On a side note, this is our first time participating in the weekly Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! Oscar and I are looking forward to checking out new pet blogs!

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Oscar in Wonderland

21 Apr

My parents are amazing gardeners who are especially grateful that the Jack Russell characteristic of digging never manifested in Oscar. Every spring the front yard transforms into an oasis filled with the scent of the grapefruit tree coming into bloom and the sound of birds gathering around the bird feeder.

Oscar loves spending time outside when the weather permits. He’ll listen to the birds singing overhead, watch the cars roll by and explore the different smells in the air and on the ground. He’ll even sunbathe like a true Southern Californian!

Hello, Spring! You are much appreciated here.

Violet Flowers

German Thyme

Oscar’s bum made a guest appearance during my German thyme photo shoot.

Maybe he wanted in on the photo shoot, too…

… so I could capture him trying to pose all sexy (I don’t think Maia will see this, buddy).He got bored after a few pictures. What a diva!

Oscar: The Scientific Study

19 Apr

I’ve been tracking the domestic canine in the hopes of gathering more information about his migration patterns and everyday rituals.

The journey has been demanding. The roads, perilous. Despite the obstacles I’ve faced—one of which include starvation because my subject is particularly fond of devouring everything in sight—I’ve managed to capture these portraits of Canis lupus familiaris right after his morning meal.

Oscar Sleeping

After filling his belly with the proper nutrients to sustain his body, the domestic canine settles down to rest.

Oscar Awake

I’ve been spotted! I remained motionless to avoid agitating him. Let’s see what his next move may be…

Oscar Laying Down

Phew. Disaster avoided!

Seriously Stanky

17 Apr

Oscar is undoubtedly one of the stinkiest dogs I’ve ever met. I’m pretty sure his stank factor has a lot to do with him rolling in icky things lurking in the grass.

So once a month that invisible layer of doggie fumes gets washed off (much to Oscar’s displeasure) and replaced with another distinct smell: wet dog.

There’s one thing you should know: Oscar hates water. He hates water like he loves food. There’s no gray area. Even the promise of treats won’t coax him out of hiding. No joke!

It’s a battle just picking him up and putting him in the tub. He literally throws himself on the ground and rolls onto his back so it’s harder to pick him up. He certainly knows how to use his weight to his advantage.

Bathing OscarAfter a good 10 minutes, Oscar’s in the tub and ready to go!

Bathing Oscar 2As you can see, he doesn’t look very happy.

Bathing Oscar 3Rinsing off the last of the suds!

Here’s a trivia question for you: What does Oscar do after a bath?

He rolls in the grass.