Canine Casanova

6 Apr

Her name is Maia (or Maya).

We bumped into her again during our walk today. Oh, the power of anticipation!

Oscar Heart 3

Astonished at another chance meeting with Maia.

Oscar stopped right in his tracks as soon as he noticed Maia strolling down the street with her owner. I don’t know if he recognized her based purely on sight, but I’m sure he did once they reacquainted themselves with each other’s scent.

Although Oscar was a little reserved on their first meeting, he played the role of Casanova this time, following her while she shied away from him, looking at her owner for reassurance (or help?).

Want another sign their meeting is fate bringing them together? Their leashes got tangled up as they circled each other! They’re destined to be friends, I’m telling you! On the other hand, I could be just another neurotic pet owner putting ideas regarding what her dog thinks into her own head.

Whatever the case, Oscar and Maia are oh, so cute together!

Oscar Heart 4


2 Responses to “Canine Casanova”

  1. Christina April 10, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    Perhaps love has made him more weight-aware?

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