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Two-Month Weigh In

20 Jun

I fibbed regarding the title… I can’t coax Oscar to step on the scale.

Although the title is a bit misleading, it perfectly captures the essence of today’s post: documenting Oscar’s weight loss progress!

Since we couldn’t use the scale to gauge his progression, we turned to the camera to chronicle the subtle transformation his body is going through thanks to the lifestyle changes we made two months ago. We’re hoping you can see the difference in Oscar’s physique like we do!

Before: I chuckle over this picture because he looks like a cute Jabba the Hut (LOL).

After: Almost Chippendales ready!

Oscar appreciates the comments our blogging friends have made regarding his new, slender body. Your encouraging words only make him work harder!


Oscar’s Tips for a Happier, Healthier, Slimmer Pup

27 May

According to PetMD, over 50% of pets in American households are either overweight or obese and Oscar represents just one of the millions of dogs packing extra pounds.

Eye on the prize, baby.

Oscar never had a greyhound’s body to begin with. Nope. He’s robust. Husky. Big-boned. But I noticed his body changing over the span of our two years together. There were subtle hints like his waist disappearing, his stamina decreasing and his love handles forming.

I confess. I found chubby Oscar to be just as cute as naturally robust Oscar and I got a kick out of comparing him to harbor seal basking on the sand, but the seriousness of his weight finally hit home when I realized he would be riddled with health problems if I didn’t take action. I cringe to imagine what would happen if he developed arthritis or diabetes from something that could have been prevented.

Instead of tackling Oscar’s excess weight with a diet, I confronted the situation with a lifestyle change. I’m so happy to report that after one month of implementing the following objectives, Oscar has more endurance, more energy and less weight. Here’s to a slimmer, sexier Oscar!

  • Less food. Both humans and pets gain weight when they consume more calories than they burn. Restricting food was going to be tough for this four-legged foodie, so I limited his food intake by 10% the first couple of weeks and cut another 5% when he started to plateau. We’re still working our way up to a 20% food reduction. 😉
  • More exercise. I think the heading speaks for itself. Oscar rebuilt his stamina with short treadmill sessions. We started with 5-minute bursts and worked our way up to 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes! Now he can keep up with me and trot around the park’s perimeter without getting too winded.
  • You don’t have to eliminate treats! I knew completely restricting treats wouldn’t fly. Zuke’s Mini Bakes saved Oscar’s life! Seek smaller portions of your pet’s favorite treats or switch to treats intended for training. They’re usually smaller and have fewer calories per bite.
  • Keep a food blog/journal. Writing down everything that makes its way into Oscar’s belly helps me keep track of what he’s eaten. It’s a lot like counting calories! I document even the tiniest crumb.
  • Beware of begging. Describing Oscar as “food-motivated” would be the understatement of the century. He is shameless when it comes to begging (please refer to the photograph below for an example of his antics). Whenever something yummy is in sight, he’ll drop everything for a bite. Curbing his requests is still a work in progress.