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C’mon Boy, Tweet!

27 Jun

Breaking News: This weekend we took the plunge and joined the millions of people who already tweet.

That’s right. Oscah Baby is making his mark on Twitter! We’re hoping interacting with our friends on Twitter will be just as fun as WordPress. 🙂

As you can see, our account is stark naked with zero tweets and zero followers, but that’s where you come in. Oscar humbly requests the privilege of following his blogging friends and readers on Twitter! Pretty please?

Inserting begging face:

Note: We’ve included WordPress’s Twitter widget in our sidebar for your convenience.


One Park, One Hour, One Pooped Pup!

25 Apr

Many thanks to Live, Bark, Love, You Did What With Your Weiner, According to Gus, The Daily Toki and Kame & Kroten Blog for the birthday wishes!

When I started blogging about Oscar’s adventures, I had no idea I’d be a tiny fragment of this huge pet blogging community who’s just as enthusiastic about their furry (and reptilian!) family members. I suppose one of the unexpected perks about blogging is meeting like-minded individuals and forming friendships. That alone motivates me to keep on truckin’! Not to mention Oscar loves seeing his mug on the World Wide Web.

As promised, Oscar and I spent a portion of Saturday roaming the park. I didn’t spot many dogs, so we just kept to the trails that wound through and around the lush greenery (I’m kicking myself over forgetting to take pictures while we were in the park. Alas, these parking lot pictures will have to do).

He stuck to the concrete this time around and didn’t beeline to the grass, nose in the dirt. Do you think he’s aware of his smell and keeping away from the stank?

He ran out of steam during the last leg of our walk. That’s one pooped pup!