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Long Time No Blog

31 Aug

A big, warm hello to our friends and readers! It’s been a while since we dipped our paws into the blogosphere.

Just wanted to let you know Oscar and I are not done blogging yet! We’re planning our return once the dust settles. 🙂


Best Buddies

6 Jul

Please accept our apologies for disappearing from the blogosphere. I suppose we got too caught up in the holiday weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for a proper post later this week. 🙂

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My Turtle and Me

29 Jun

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I Dream of Food

22 Jun


It’s Wednesday! You know what to do. Hop over to BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday fun!

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Oscar: The Scientific Study

19 Apr

I’ve been tracking the domestic canine in the hopes of gathering more information about his migration patterns and everyday rituals.

The journey has been demanding. The roads, perilous. Despite the obstacles I’ve faced—one of which include starvation because my subject is particularly fond of devouring everything in sight—I’ve managed to capture these portraits of Canis lupus familiaris right after his morning meal.

Oscar Sleeping

After filling his belly with the proper nutrients to sustain his body, the domestic canine settles down to rest.

Oscar Awake

I’ve been spotted! I remained motionless to avoid agitating him. Let’s see what his next move may be…

Oscar Laying Down

Phew. Disaster avoided!